Fresh Start International has been hosting its annual Fresh Start Expo in October since 2021. Several organizations partner to bring resources that could help people transitioning out of the justice system get back on their feet. This year, the CEO DaMond Holt decided to expand his nonprofit’s reach by bringing smaller-scale clinics throughout the year.

We are in the business of recidivism, helping people not to go back to prison, helping people when they get out of prison, helping people get their services taken care of, so they can have a brighter future,” said Holt.

This year, Holt partnered with Goodwill of Southern Arizona to bring the first of many Empowerment Clinics. The first is coming up on Saturday, March 23 at 1940 E. Silverlake Rd Ste. 401.

What were doing this time around for March 23 is doing smaller events throughout the year, because we know people are coming out of prison earlier in the year and we shouldnt have to wait until October, he said.


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Thomas Cortese is part of the Fresh Start International Committee and shared his story with KGUN 9 in 2022. During that conversation, he shared he had not voted since his first time in 1980. After getting out of prison in 2016, he dedicated his life to the community, his faith, and his work with 4Tucson. He credited Fresh Start for helping resolve the legal roadblocks he’s faced since his release.

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The last Fresh Start, the 3rd one, October 21st of last year, I was able to get my rights restored, and this year, the League of Women Voters are going to set up a table, and Im going to be the first customer to register to vote. And Im going to vote for the second time of my life this year because of Fresh Start, said Cortese.

Goodwill of Southern Arizona will be providing the space for the Fresh Start International Empowerment Clinic on March 23. Lance Meeks is the Director of Community Engagement for Goodwill of Southern Arizona, and he said this won’t be the last.

Our goal is, is this is just not a one time event, we are going to be consistent. So on a quarterly basis, we are going to host these Empowerment Clinics, said Meeks.

DaMond Holt, whose work goes beyond Fresh Start International as a certified traumatologist with a focus in education, said he’s excited to build this partnership with Goodwill of Southern Arizona. He said he hoped to serve as many people as possible with these smaller clinics.