Anyone driving down 22nd Street might have been surprised to see a group of clowns spreading the Halloween spirit on Tuesday afternoon.

The barbers working at Bullets Barbershop on the southwest corner of South Fourth Avenue and East 22nd Street have celebrated Halloween yearly since theyve been open.

Every year we celebrate halloween. We try our best to do a different theme. You know, last year, we were the Wizard of Oz, the year before that, the day of the dead, said the owner Jenairo Duarte.

Duarte also goes by Bullet, and opened Bullets Barbershop in 2003. His first location was on 22nd Street and Tucson Boulevard, but just moved to the new location a couple of years ago. Hes worked with this group of barbers at his shop now for over ten years, and theyve consistently kept up with the Halloween tradition.

For Halloween, you know, I think [is] one of those things, that, you know, we stop enjoying when we grow up. Its one of those things you can just keep doing and enjoy doing until youre old and Im going to keep doing it, expressed Duarte.

For Duarte and his crew, its all about bringing smiles and laughs. They were able to spend more time celebrating Halloween with the people driving by because Halloween landed on a weekday this year. Business was pretty calm, but they enjoyed “clowning” around outside.

The customers enjoyed it too. Fernando Leyva has gone to Bullets Barbershop since 2006. He brought his son for the Halloween fun.

The fact that these guys, theyre here, theyre working, they go all out to dress up and make it fun for anyone that comes in, is pretty cool, said Leyva.