As businesses in Tucson face issues like theft and vandalism, Tucson Metro Chambers Coalition Against Retail Theft is working with business owners and law enforcement to find solutions.

Tucson Metro Chambers Vice President of Business Advocacy, Zach Yentzer said, You have to tackle different parts of the ecosystem that allow for negative activity to grow over time.

The coalition was created a few years ago but was recently re-engaged due to an increased need.

The coalition meets once a month to brainstorm ideas to create both short-term and long-term solutions.

Earlier this year the coalition partnered with Ward 4 to provide a total of $100,000 in grants to 11 different business owners to help improve their safety and security features.

One of the recipients was Sonoran Stitch, which is located in Midtown near Grant and Oracle.

Through the grant, Sonoran Stitch was able to install security cameras, new exterior lighting and a ramp.

Sonoran Stitchs Owner, Erica Yngve said, The little alleyway between my building and the next building has a lot of illegal activity sometimes and so Im able to see that immediately when somebody comes in the area and activates either the alarm or light or whatever to ask them to move on.

The grants are just the beginning of the coalitions plans, but Yentzer explained that all parties must work together.

We are preparing a brief policy agenda that we can work with our county attorney, with our city attorney, with our jurisdictions and law enforcement to really plug some of the gaps and have a cohesive regional policy to tackle these challenges, Yentzer said.