A friend, then a murder victimThats the story investigative documents tell in the Sahuarita Police Departments case against Douglas Harold Gauf.

A house in Tucson, near Pima and Craycroft, is where police say they found evidence to link a Tucson man to a homicide in Sahuarita. Police say Douglas Gauf killed a man he had called a friend.

Sahuarita Police say Terry Don Parker was shot to death in a house in the 300 Block of East Calle Minerva.

Douglas Harold Gauf connected to the case after Gauf was arrested on unrelated drug charges in Tucson. Court documents do not make it clear how investigators decided he was a suspect in the Parker killing but those same documents still say a lot about the case.

They say police got a search warrant for his house near Pima and Craycroft in Tucson and found a gun that had been missing from the victims home.

Police say the gun had blood on it but theres no information whether the blood matched Terry Don Parker.

Sahuarita Police say they found a package of possible cocaine at the suspects house in Tucson that looked like a similar package in the victims house in Sahuarita.

Investigators say Douglas Gauf did not tell them much but did float the name of someone else he described as dangerous.

The report says: The name Shorty was the alleged person of interest he identified, who stated he was upset with Terry Don Parker for an unknown reason.

Police say Gauf also told them Terry Don Parker was a friend hed gotten back in touch with after several years.

But the report says Douglas Harold Gauf shows absolutely no remorse for his involvement in the alleged homicide of someone who he deemed a friend.