An independent western movie is being filmed in Tucson this weekend, with a Cochise County couple leading the way.

The filming is taking place at Harker’s Museum and Movie Set on the Southside.

Rick Harker is the owner of the movie set. Its a project he has been working on for decades after being inspired by Old Tucson. This weekends filming of

Vengeance: A Tombstone Remembrance

is now the 33rd production being shot on the set.

Michael Munroe and his wife began visiting southern Arizona about 10 years ago from New Hampshire. They fell in love with the area and now live near Tombstone where Munroe is part of a western reenactment group.

Acting opportunities within the group eventually led him to writing his own movie script. The movie is about a retired sheriff whose wife gets killed in a robbery and he sets out to find who did it.

People ask me, is this a dream come true for you? Well coming out here to the west and being involved with the Vigilantes in Tombstone, that was a dream come true to me but I never had any idea I was going to be here doing this, Munroe said. Were just blessed.

Munroe is hoping to have about half the movie shot here this weekend and hopes for the film to premiere this upcoming spring.