Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels is commenting about a deputy’s injury during a pursuit and ongoing border security issues.

On Friday, a deputy fell 15 feet during a pursuit, sustaining serious injuries. Life-saving measures were taken, and the deputy is receiving medical care in Tucson.

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Sheriff Dannels emphasized the dangers posed by criminal smugglers along the border.

The suspect was identified as 47-year-old Amber Bernadette Fuaga from Maricopa, Ariz. She was arrested for Human Smuggling and DUI related to the incident with additional charges pending.

As of Sunday, Deputy Christopher Oletski, 43, was facing complications with his care.

Deputy Oletski has been with the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office for three years and was recently assigned to the Criminal Interdiction Team where he was working during at time of his injury incident on Thursday evening.

The family requested privacy and support as he recovers.

I met with the OLETSKI family again this afternoon and they reiterated their request for privacy during this very difficult time. The family has also provided a medical update indicating complications have arisen in Chris care resulting in significant challenges moving forward with his medical pathway. We would ask for your positive thoughts and prayers for Chris recovery and blessings to his family, loved ones, and friends as they navigate through these dark times.

Sheriff Dannels appreciates the community’s support and urges unity in addressing border security challenges.