The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) is adding a helicopter to its fleet to help with rescues and pursuits. The chopper, named Hawkeye, was given to the CCSO because of a grant from the state.

Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels said they received the helicopter from a grant, submitted to the state of Arizona. They have secured funding for the helicopter and the extra staff needed for five years. Sheriff Dannels said he has already asked the state for an extension because of the activity at the border.

Sheriff Dannels said the helicopter will help with rescue efforts and the pursuits local law enforcement have encountered.

We put the aircraft over the vehicle, we can reduce our speed when it comes to the law enforcement chasing cause youre not going to out run the helicopter,” he said. “So, having that helicopter over a suspect vehicle, running from law enforcement, now we have eyes and ears and we can record from the sky. Everything is right there.

CCSO logos and decals willdecorate the helicopter in the near future, confirms Sheriff Dannels. The office is also adding cameras and night vision equipment to the helicopter to help them with tracking down people and cars.

All the work should be completed in January.