Cochise Stronghold campground opened Friday, just in time for Labor Day weekend.

The campsite, located in the Dragoon Mountains, was closed since Memorial Day. Starr Farrell, spokesperson for the U.S. Forest Service, said the location is closed every summer because the campsite gets very hot and doesn’t have water.

This campground doesnt have water at it, so you have to bring in your own water and that heat is gonna really dehydrate you much more than youd expect, Farrell explained.

She said the forest service closes the campsite every year as a safety measure for visitors, since the site can get very hot in the summer months. Despite the area being open, visitors should practice caution and watch for symptoms of heat-related illnesses.

It still does get warm down in this area so youre going to want to bring water with you and be prepared with hats, sunscreen all those essentials because this campground doesnt have water at it,” Farrell said. “So youre going to bring that with you when you come and visit.

The campsite is surrounded by hiking trails, including a shorter trail that is ADA compliant. Farrell said Cochise Stronghold is a favorite for visitors because it is not frequently visited or crowded since it’s a nice place for solitude. The unique boulder structure of the Dragoon Mountains allows for boulder climbing.

A regular campsite at Cochise Stronghold can have up to six people and a large campsite can have up to 20 people staying there.

Farrell reminds campers that most of the Coronado National Forest has bears living there. She encourages campers to secure their food and use the “bear-proof” trashcans at the campsite to help keep the wildlife away from the campsite.