The Pima County Sheriff’s Department made several arrests Saturday night following reports of cockfighting near Country Club Rd. and Old Vail.

When authorities arrived on scene, they found a large group gathered around what appeared to be cockfighting. Authorities recovered around 150 animals including 80 birds, 20 roosters, two dogs, and a tortoise.

Twenty roosters are now up for adoption at the Pima Animal Care Center.

Obviously cockfighting-this is a really serious situation, this is severe animal cruelty,” said Kayleigh Murdock with PACC.

She said the birds were in great condition when they arrived at the facility, surprisingly.

They are beautiful birds, they look really good, so we are optimistic about them being able to find homes quickly, said Murdock.

Sheriff’s deputies made several arrests on charges of cockfighting, possession of a fighting rooster, narcotic possession, driving under the influence, outstanding warrants, and intentional animal cruelty.

Murdock said homes have already been found for the birds, dogs, and tortoise, but the roosters have yet to find their homes.

There may be some belief that, you know these roosters because of the situations that they came from, won’t be good pets, it’s really not true. We have adopted out roosters from cockfighting rings in the past, as have organizations across the country, they can go into homes and be great pets- they just need to be kept separate from other roosters,” said Murdock.

The investigation is ongoing and anyone with information is encouraged to call 911 or 88-CRIME.