The bond between people and their pets is undeniably strong, but for some families, providing food for their furry companions can be a challenge.

Codys Friends, a local nonprofit organization, aims to address this issue by providing pet food to those in need, making sure every member of the family, including pets, receives a meal.

We help people by helping pets,” said Amber Allen, Director of Codys Friends. So many people will go hungry before they let their pets suffer.

Codys Friends partners with local food banks to make sure both the owners and their pets dont go hungry. Volunteers like Kirk Walker from Interfaith Community Services sees the difference Codys Friends makes. “We’ve encountered individuals who, despite their own limited resources, prioritize sharing what little food they have with their pets,” Walker said.

Each month, Codys Friends distributes over 22,000 pounds of pet food, valued at over $10,000, to families in need. However, rising food prices and economic challenges have led to an increased demand for their services.

“The price of pet food has nearly doubled, and we’re seeing more people in need,” Allen noted.

Community members like Michael Thoma appreciate the support. “It’s a wonderful feeling, especially for those with limited income, to have access to pet food assistance,” Thoma said.

Codys Friends distributes pet food each Wednesday as well as from various food banks across Tucson. You can find all of their information on their website.