For the local coffee spot Fratelli Espresso, it began with an espresso machine and a passion for making quality coffee. Two years ago, Rodrigo Sanchez and his wife started making coffee, inspired by their time working in Italian restaurants.

“My idea was to sell espresso lattes and mochas something you can only get in Italian restaurants,” Sanchez said.

Then the couple bought a truck, which helped them get their business off the ground. Sanchez said when you open a business the first struggle is to grow clientele.

“It’s kind of better because you can move around,” he said. “Starting in a food truck is different because you have to set up your little restaurant every day.”

But throughout the last few years, he’s noticed more people opening up food or coffee trucks as it’s a popular way to grow a business.

“I’ve seen a lot of food trucks move into buildings but I’ve seen many of them that are also still mobile,” he said.

Sanchez and his wife moved the truck into an old Dairy Queen building, with the truck still the beating heart of the shop. The truck sticks out behind the shop, connected to it as the kitchen where the couple cooks their menu. He hopes to continue growing his business throughout Tucson.

“Maybe build the kitchen or open another location,” he said. “It would be nice to have more of these food trucks in Tucson.”