Youth On Their Own, a local non-profit at 2525 N. Country Club Rd., helps teens and kids experiencing homelessness, opened its new building in late October. The new campus is brighter with more room for the mini mall and other services.

“You should see the smiles on their faces,” Daniela Figueroa, the organization’s program director, said. “They are so excited.”

There’s a new alumni center, shower and laundry room.

“They can do their laundry while shopping in the mini mall and meeting with their counselors,” Youth On Their Own CEO Elizabeth Slater shared.

The number of homeless youth in the community continues to rise. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development officials report Arizona has one of the highest number of homeless youth in the country.

The local non-profit is committed to helping homeless youth, serving about 1,500 kids and teens in the community.

“They are going through really real trauma,” Figueroa said. “They have big dreams and not having a stable house, not having basic needs gets in the way of that.”

The team is always looking for donations and volunteers. The volunteer program will launch again at the beginning of next year.