The Pueblo Gardens Neighborhood will soon have fully installed light posts after years of working to get the funds. Cindy Ayala, the neighborhood association president, got her inspiration for the project in 2004.

Before Ayala became the president of the neighborhood association, she saw an increase in crime in the area, specifically around her home. She wanted something done about it, so she attended a neighborhood meeting.

I knew there were going to be some police officers there. And they were telling us, This is how it is, and this is how it was. And I go, No, let me give you a reality check. My window is within shooting distance and if I wake up one morning and my husband is dead, thats reality, said Ayala.

She also thought about the families in the area and how they could be impacted. In 2006, she became the Pueblo Gardens Neighborhood Association President. Her solution has been to work toward bringing light posts to the area ever since.

The Mayor and Council told me they didnt have any money. They didnt have time. Okay Fine, she said.

She still was determined to shed a light on crime in the area. She applied endlessly for grants and raised money in every way she could. With the support she got from the community, she was able to raise a good amount.

One of the grants she had applied to was from the Tohono Oodham Nation. She was initially denied, but after being persistent in her efforts, she was told to apply again. Earlier this year, she received a letter from the Tohono Oodham Nation.

Dear Mrs. Ayala, congratulations, youve been awarded $100,000 for your lights. I started screaming, she said.

Then the City of Tucson granted $50,000, the remaining funds needed for the project. This will bring 17 light posts to several neighborhoods, one for each street (except for one street getting two) in Pueblo Gardens. Ayala was told it should be completed by the end of November. So far, the concrete has been poured and theyre just waiting on the poles and lights.