Tucker, a missing English Mastiff, was reunited with his family after an agonizing 22 days lost in the desert. During a tragic accident, Tucker managed to slip away from a boarding facility while his owners were away.

The Colby family, Tucker’s owners, has had Tucker since he was just 8 weeks old. Brynley Colby, Tucker’s “human sister,” describes him as “the best dog you could imagine.”

When Tucker had escaped the boarding kennel, Mechelle Colby felt helpless. That’s when she turned to the community for support and started a Facebook group with her family, which soon garnered over 1,300 members joining forces to share updates and sightings in the hopes of bringing Tucker home.

Remarkably, 20-40 people searched the desert daily, looking on foot for Tucker. The Colby family unwittingly became the catalyst for a community coming together in a shared mission.

After days of persistence, a breakthrough happened when someone spotted Tucker. In the pouring rain, Mechelle Colby and her daughter sat patiently, calling out for Tucker. Their perseverance paid off as they managed to capture Tucker, bringing him back home. Despite showing signs of timidness after his prolonged adventure, Tucker displayed familiarity with his surroundings, reassuring the Colby family.

“He still knows where his treats are on the counter. He knows where his bed is, and he still knows his shape,” Mechelle Colby shared.

The Colby family, overjoyed at Tucker’s return, expressed gratitude not only for finding their furry family member, but also for the unity which emerged among the community during this search.