In 2021, Arienne Gillette’s life changed forever.

Her 11-year-old daughter Lorelai Johansen died along with her Uncle, David Gillette, in a single plane crash near Show Low, Ariz. in 2021.

“I just thought she had so much potential, so much inside of her and it was just such a sad thing that it would die with her,” Gillette said.

Gillette’s mission in life changed. She would not let herself or her other 7 children forget Lorelai’s light.

She helped found Lorelai’s Literary Foundation.

It is to keep her memory alive, to keep people knowing how wonderful she was and promoting good in her name, said Gillette

The foundation, based out of Tucson’s Southeast side, runs events year-round, promoting all the things Lorelai loved.

Its job is to bring the things that Lorelai loved the most to children of our community, especially the ones that may not have access to it on their own.” said Gillette.

But the foundation helps Arienne as well.

“It’s a way to process my grief. When I work for the foundation helps me feel closer to herand it’s just very important that I don’t forget her,” Gillette said.

The foundation is running two events this week: a birthday celebration on Thursday and a children’s book drive through Dec. 2nd.