After hearing viewers’ concerns regarding Tucsons road conditions, KGUN 9 checked out different streets around town and talked to a city official to get answers about the citys pothole problems.

I definitely need some shocks and struts replaced even though they were replaced two years ago, alignment and probably some new tires even though mine are less than a year old, Tucson resident Amy Lopez said.

Lopez says she purposely avoids some roads, because of their condition. However, not all potholes can be avoided.

Sometimes you cant see them, especially when youre driving at night or in the rain, Lopez explained. You cant see the pothole until its too late.

Public Information Officer for the City of Tucson Department of Transportation and Mobility, Erica Frazelle said the city has been working to address the issue. She said five crews are working Monday through Friday filling potholes and addressing service requests that come in.

She said, On average theyre filling about 400 pothole requests a day.

The city also recently added three Saturday crews who only work on filling potholes.

However, this isnt a permanent fix. Lopez said, Theyll fill some and then move onto the next one and then they have to go back because of traffic, weather, etc.

Frazelle says they are asking for the communitys help to stay on top of where the potholes are located.

We cant be everywhere so we ask the community to be an extra set of eyes for us out there, Frazelle said.

People can call 311 or use the citys Tucson 311 app to report a pothole.

You can locate the exact spot, upload photos and give us any information so we can get out there as quickly as possible, Frazelle said.

After submitting a request through the app, people can track its status and see when the request is completed.

Frazelle said that if it is a safety concern it will be completed within 24 hours.