One construction company is replacing lumber with a more sustainable material that aims to decrease its carbon footprint.

By sliding a wall into a place thats made up of foam, cement and steel, Hercutech is replacing a lot of the wood used in a typical home project.

Compared to wood, it’s 20-30% more efficient on the energy bills than traditional construction. In addition to that, it’s the same percentage 20-30% less greenhouse gas, said CEO of Hercutech, Jason Rhees.

Rhees said the prefabricated wall panels are more energy-efficient and less wasteful compared to materials used at a typical construction site.

Here, you virtually have no waste at all, because any leftovers, they just refabricate it and make it into more walls, said Michael Sarabia, the CEO of DSW Commercial Real Estate.

Our walls have been hurricane tested. So, they tested up to 245-mile-an-hour winds, said Rhees.

The soon-to-be neighborhood is located at 1100 West River Rd. with 29 townhomes ready to rent by the beginning of 2024.

Because of our system being built out of the materials that it is, it’s stronger than wood. So that life safety aspect is really unparallel with any other building material in the market today, said Rhees.