Monsoon begins on Thursday and although were not seeing rain in the forecast yet, contractors say this could be the best time to get your roof checked before the storms begin.

We want to make sure that the shingles are adhered and not lifting, said Roy Douse with 1 by 1 Roof and Solar.

Whether its a leaky ceiling

The tar strip here usually goes bad, said Douse demonstrating what older shingles look like.

Or a collapsed roof

It can get bad. We’ve seen some people with caved in roofs, said Gus Maughan, the owner of 1 by 1 Roof and Solar.

The company recommends getting ahead of the stormy weather to avoid safety concerns.

Mold is going to start growing right away, but there’s also you know, fiscal safety concerns,” Maughan said. “If you’ve got a whole huge hole in your roof and this is crashed down upon you and you’ve got kids around, that’s going to be a dangerous thing.”

Maughan said a free roof inspection could possibly save you thousands of dollars.

If a microburst comes in and folds your roof over, and then you’re getting that water intrusion inside your house, and now it’s getting all your personal belongings, we’ve had insurance quotes that have been 100 grand or more, said Maughan.

Cracked tiles, missing shingles, or clogged drains are some of the issues Roy Douse sees out in the field.

A lot of the times its scuppers are being clogged by tree debris,” Douse said. “Shingles blown off where you don’t notice it during the year. But then when it rains, those shingles missing can cause leaks.”

Maughan said the best thing you can do to avoid the damage is to get your roof checked out and theyll try to get the initial inspection done within 24 hrs.