In another road-rage sentencing from 2021, the convicted killer will spend his entire life in prison.

Lazaro Enrique Villa Jr. was caught up in a shooting at a Circle K at the corner of West Valencia and South Midvale Park roads. Responding police say the parking lot was crowded, resulting in a wreck, which led to gunshots fired.

Investigators decided Villa Jr. shot and killed 50-year-old Jaime Tadeo Avila

On Thursday, May 25, a jury found Lazaro Enrique Villa Jr. guilty of the following:

FIRST-DEGREE MURDER As alleged in COUNT ONE of the Indictment, F1  Natural Life in the Department of Corrections DRIVE BY SHOOTING As alleged in COUNT TWO of the Indictment, F2  21 years in DOC AGGRAVATED ASSAULT, DEADLY WEAPON/DANGEROUS INSTRUMENT As alleged in COUNT THREE of the Indictment, F3  15 years in DOC, 794 days credit, concurrent with Count Two

Authorities confirm Avila’s young son was in the vehicle at the time of the shooting.