Studies show in 2022, U.S. consumers saw the largest increase in food prices since the 1980s, causing sticker shock at the grocery store.

Which is why a Tucson business called Pristine Preps is turning their kitchen into a more affordable and convenient way for people to purchase food.

Owner Malia Bufanda says with grocery store food prices continuing to increase, many people in the Southern Arizona community have reached out to her to make pre-made meals in hopes to combat and offset big box grocery store inflation.

On average, Pristine Preps meals cost around $12, but the business says its not just about providing more affordable pre-made options, its also catering to customers and their dietary needs.

I dont make that much off of it, but I just like to help people eat better and put better food into their body,” said Malia Bufanda, Pristine Preps Tucson.

Studies show, food prices generally increased about 2% in prior years but they increased about 11% from 2021 to 2022. But, its also not just inflation that is causing grocery stores to raise costs.

Its also things like global disruptions. Weather events, animal and plant diseases, higher labor and transportation costs all contribute to the increase in food prices too.

Its really not cheaper, if you go to the grocery store and you buy chicken, rice and veggies youre going to spend exactly that on just two meals at Whataburger,” said Malia Bufanda, Pristine Preps Tucson.

Pristine Preps kicked off during the pandemic when people were choosing convenience and safety by ordering food to their homes. But now, this local business tells KGUN9 they are seeing people order to both save time and money.

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