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During the dog days of summer, heat and humidity can be oppressive not only for humans, but for dogs, too. Cooling dog beds can help keep your best friend cool and comfortable as temperatures climb. But to get the best results, its important to choose a quality bed thats the right fit for your dog.

We asked veterinarians about what qualities to look for in cooling beds for dogs and how to use one to keep your dog safe in warm weather. Check out our top picks of the best cooling dog beds, based on advice from veterinarians.

What Should You Look For in a Cooling Dog Bed?

To find the perfect cooling dog bed, its important to consider factors including the beds material and design, comfort and size.

Material and Design

Dr. Sara Ochoa holds a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from St. Georges University, has practiced veterinary medicine for the past five years treating small animals and exotic animals and is a veterinarian contributor to Hound Games. Ochoa recommends considering how the beds design contributes to cooling. Beds with a gel-infused memory foam or water-filled mattress will retain less heat, she explains. Elevated cot-style beds allow air circulation underneath, and built-in fans obviously provide active cooling.

Dr. Bethany Hsia is a licensed veterinarian who has been practicing for over 13 years. She is an active mobile veterinarian and co-founder of CodaPet. Opt for a bed with an effective cooling mechanism such as gel-filled or water-based beds that can maintain a temperature significantly lower than the surrounding area, she recommends.

Support and Comfort

Hsia notes that its important to consider whether a dog bed is made with durable materials that can withstand behaviors like chewing or scratching. Consider designs that provide adequate support and comfort, especially for dogs with joint issues, she says.

Ochoa explains that contoured shapes, bolsters and quality foam can deliver valuable orthopedic benefits. Improperly supporting those doggy joints can cause lasting problems, she says.

Size and Fit

Size matters too, notes Ochoa. Your dog should be able to move and stretch out. She recommends measuring your dog in a normal sleeping position to ensure you buy the right size bed.

Benefits of a Cooling Dog Bed

A cooling dog bed can offer many benefits to your dog during hot months.

The benefits of a cooling bed include regulating your dogs body temperature, relieving joint pain, reducing heat-related stress, preventing heat exhaustion and providing additional comfort for thick-haired breeds, says Hsia.

When Does a Dog Need a Cooling Dog Bed?

Hsia explains that dogs may benefit from a cooling bed in various situations, including during hot summer months and that older dogs with joint issues and dogs with thick fur will also reap the benefits of a cooling dog bed. Ochoa recommends cooling dog beds for any dog who enjoys lounging in the sunshine.

Hsia notes that its important to ensure that the bed isnt too cold, since extreme temperatures can make a pet uncomfortable.

Monitor your dogs behavior when using the bed to ensure they are not experiencing any adverse reactions, she says. Check the quality of the materials used in the bed to prevent any potential hazards like leaks or tears.

Stick to quality brands and supervise your dog initially, says Ochoa. As always, call your vet if you notice signs of heat exhaustion. Stay cool out there!

Best Cooling Dog BedsK&H Pet Products Coolin Comfort Bed $66.16 at Amazon

This cooling pad for dogs uses no electricity and contains no toxic gels. Instead, you just fill it with cool water, making it a safe choice for your dog. Its suitable for indoor and outdoor use and features a thick orthopedic foam core to support medical recovery and maximize your dogs comfort. This pad is available in three sizes, so you can pick a suitable surface area thats best for your pup.

Coldest Cozy Dog Bed $39.99 at Amazon

This bed combines soothing comfort with properties designed to keep overheating at baymaking it ideal for summertime use. The embedded cooling gel helps keep your dog comfortable, and the coldest fusion weave houses an anti-heat dispersion layer that prevents heat buildup.

The beds nest design and orthopedic memory foam filling cushions pressure points to relieve joint pain. Plus, the nonskid bottom helps keep the bed in place and the removable cover is machine washable for easy cleaning. The bed is available in four sizes, suitable for many different dogs.

The Green Pet Shop Cool Pet Pad $60 at Chewy

This self-cooling pad for dogs doesnt require any electricity, water or refrigeration. Instead, the gel formula recharges itself after each use, so its super simple to use. You can place this mat on the floor, kennel, sofa or wherever else your dog likes to relax. It immediately starts to work when your dog lays down, delivering a chilled feel to help keep your canine cool and comfy. Its also ideal for traveling with your dog. The mat is available in five sizes.

FurHaven Cooling Gel Pet Bed $63 at Chewy

Your dog can relax in cool comfort with this cooling bed. L-shaped bolsters support your pups back and hips, while also making a nook for pets who love to cuddle into a nest. The medical-grade foam core includes orthopedic foam with a gel-infused memory foam topping to help wick heat away from your dog and relieve pressure points. The removable cover is machine-washable for easy cleanup, and since the bed is available in four sizes, including Jumbo Plus, its ideal for even your extra-large dog.

Arf Pets Dog Cooling Crate Mat $60 at Chewy

This solid gel cooling mat delivers up to three hours of cooling comfort, ideal for hot weather. After 15 minutes of nonuse, the mat automatically recharges, and theres no need for water or electricity. The mat is made of nontoxic materials, and its lightweight and easy to transport perfect for pets on-the-go. You can place it on the floor, couch, in their crate or wherever else your dog enjoys lounging.

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