Games at Warren Ballpark this weekend will look like they did once upon a time with players in era-themed uniforms and one-of-a-kind team names, as the Copper Classic vintage baseball tournament returns to Bisbee this weekend, for its 13th year.

Teams from around the country are getting ready to play ball at the historic Warren Ballpark as they take a swing at raising money to keep the ballpark in Bisbee operating. Teams from Colorado, California and Arizona are taking the field and playing the game like it was played back in the day.

The rules, names and uniforms will all emulate those from the early years of the game.

The ballpark has been in Bisbee since 1909 and still used today by locals, including the Bisbee High School baseball team. Patrick Murphy, president of the Friends of Warren Ballpark, says its important to keep the field and stadium in the city, which is why they have fundraisers like the Copper Classic.

Were putting on a show, demonstrating some fun baseball stuff,” Murphy said. “The big thing is all about making sure were able keep this ballpark the historic thing that it is and, you know, raise some money to make sure it stays the way it is.”

Murphy says this tournament is a fun way to connect the history of the area with a game most people have played.

I really like playing vintage because its such a unique aspect,” he said. “Its baseball, something weve all grown up and played. I played baseball for my whole life and this is just a unique spin on it.”

The games will begin on Saturday and continue through Sunday for a fun weekend of baseball in Bisbee. Tickets are still available for one day or two days at the gate. For more information, visit