Shannon Kirkwood is living her dream and is sharing her passion with people who live and visit Benson.

Shannon and her husband Ian Kirkwood own KWD Ranch Decor Co. They opened the location in Benson at the end of March after running their business from their St. David home.

The store, located off 4th street, has a variety of items for sale including clothing, home decor, snacks and more.

We wanted to make sure that, um, our local vendors, um, have a place to share their ideas and passion as we did,” Shannon said. “And what a better way to do that together.

The Kirkwoods said the community’s response and support has surpassed their expectations and they are grateful for the reception their business has received. They chose to have their business in Benson because they wanted to fill a need for the locals. Shannon said there wasn’t a store like hers in the area until they opened their storefront.

Shannon said her passion for interior design and home decorating since she was a child and hasn’t wavered.

Ever since I was little, I would make sure my room would always look amazing and tell my mom okay I want this look, lets go get it,” she said. “I would change my room around probably every two months just to make it special and new. So I got that from my mom as well.

Ian said his wife does the same thing at their home like she did as a child. She likes to change out the decor in their home to keep things new and fresh.

The couple has plans to grow their business. Shannon said they are planning on have a website so people can shop online. They hope the site will be ready by June for their customers.

Shannon said she is also planning and preparing to add to her current inventory so she can have more to offer.