One business that traveled to Tucson from Crowley, TX to sell their custom hats at the 99th Tucson Rodeo has been very popular with rodeo attendees.

Alans Lids offers custom hat shaping, reshaping and hat cleanings.

Owner Alan Sanchez said, I wish I had eight million hands to shape everyones hats.

The business has over 2 million followers across their different social media platforms, which helped to draw in the crowd in Tucson. One customer said he has seen a large line at their booth each day he has attended the rodeo.

Sanchez started shaping hats about 10 years ago and says he never would have thought his business would become what it is today. He explained how hard it can be to break into the western wear industry.

I really gave people a way to express themselves with their hat by shaping the hat like they wanted to and not how the person behind the steamer wanted to, Sanchez said.

This is the second year his company has set up at the Tucson Rodeo and they plan to keep coming back.

Its amazing to be here, Sanchez said. The people from Tucson really love us. Its hard to express completely how Tucson makes me feel, and it has a special place in my heart for sure.

Customer, Greg Krasnow said he is finally able to wear his hat after it didnt fit him properly for the last decade.

They took very good care of me and the price was reasonable, Krasnow said. Interesting little business, theyve been jamming since I got here.

The businesss mission is, creating smiles one hat at a time. Sanchez said, All you have to do is smile at someone and thats what I feel makes a big difference in life.

Alans Lids will be set up at the rodeo each day until it ends on Sunday, Feb. 25.