Already touted as one of Arizonas safest cities, Oro Valley has continued to see its crime rate decline in recent years.

For residents, safety is just as important as any other quality the town has to offer.

“Ive never encountered any crime,” one resident stated. “I think its a great place to be.”

Another resident who recently moved back said “I wouldnt be back here if I wasnt feeling safe.”

Oro Valley is a prime location for families and retirees, but it isn’t just the suburban feel and easy access to nature that attracts people to the area. It’s also the towns low crime rate compared to other parts of metro Tucson.

“Ive been a resident of Oro Valley for three years. I love it here. Theres nothing about Arizona I dont like,” another resident added.

Historically, Oro Valleys crime rate has always been relatively low. According to, violent and property crime has steadily declined from 2015 to 2020.

For the Oro Valley Police Department, maintaining a low crime rate is always a priority.

“To make the people that are here safe, feel safe,” said Darren Wright with OVPD. He explained that serving a much smaller community compared to Tucson allows them to implement unique proactive strategies like the Adopt a Business program.

“Its a voluntary program where businesses can register, and they are assigned a liaison officer. So one of the officers that works that beat is assigned as their individual liaison officer. They get their cell phone and stuff like that.”

With an already-low crime rate thats dipping even lower, one Marana resident who works in Oro Valley says the biggest crime you have to worry about is having a heavy foot.

“I usually feel really safe. I mean, I havent really experienced any crime around the area. Usually, you have to even watch your speed while youre driving because theres cops everywhere.”