Exercise is universally acknowledged as essential for maintaining good health.

In Tucson, incorporating biking into one’s routine is made easy by popular destinations like the Oro Valley Loop, offering a fun and beneficial activity for overall well-being.

Dr. Sam Keim, a seasoned cyclist with 40 years of experience, is a physician at Banner Health University Medical Center and attests to the personal significance of cycling.

“It’s my passion. Outside of my career, if I’m not working in the emergency department, I’m likely on my bike,” Keim said.

According to the physician, cycling significantly contributes to improving and sustaining good health.

“Aerobic exercise, especially cycling offers great benefits and prevents people from serious outcomes, from serious diseases,” he explained.

Keim emphasized that cycling offers protection against conditions such as stroke, heart attack, and obesity.

However, the appeal of biking extends beyond its physical advantages.

“Cycling benefits both physical and mental health,” Keim added.

Riding a bike not only aids in stress relief but also enhances mood, something cyclist Tyler Morganstern agreed with.

“For me, its like a peace of mind to go out, not think about anything and just ride,” he said. “Same thing with working out and how people go to the gym.”

Whether embarking on a bike ride for the first time or returning after an extended break, Keim advises starting with smaller distances to gradually build endurance.

“Because its so much fun. So even starting five or ten minutes your first day,” he said. “Then eventually you want to get up to thirty minutes four or five times a week and thatll be no problem.”