Riding their bikes through Himmel Park at Cyclovia was a Sunday well spent for Michael DeSantis and his son Ben Gallaty.

When were not talking about other things, were talking about bicycles, DeSantis said.

It was a way for DeSantis and his son to bond and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in Tucsons environment.

You dont have to burn gasoline to have a good time, Gallaty said.

When it comes to the amount of carbon dioxide emissions around the country, the U.S. Energy Information Administration says Arizona ranks number 19.

However, both Desantis and Gallaty said they feel like Tucson is doing a good job of reducing emissions in the community through encouraging riding bikes and using public transportation such as buses.

The University of Arizona says from 2015 to 2017, their carbon dioxide usage went down over 12 percent.

They also say from 2009 to 2017 students, staff, and faculty decreased their CO2 emissions.

However, besides bikes, there are other ways of cycling out of carbon dioxide habits.

The Tucson Roller Derby team roller skates as a way to help the environment.

You know that youre doing good by limiting how much the car usage and the toxins and stuff that youre putting out into the air so thats how its definitely helping, Daniela Carrizoza said.

The City of Tucsons Climate Action and Adaptation Plan is trying to reduce the Citys emissions to net-zero by the year 2030.

However, Carrizoza feels like theyre already doing a good job.

Promoting events like this and closing down the streets and not allowing any vehicles is one way thats being very helpful, she said.

In order to reduce emissions, Carrizoza said people should consider other forms of transportation instead of cars.

Know that youre making a true big difference in the world when you do that, she said.