Cyclovia will not be taking place this spring, according to a news release from the nonprofit organization that runs it, Living Streets Alliance.

The event, where large sections of the city are closed to motorized vehicles twice a year, in an effort to get people to bike, walk and socialize on open streets, will resume this fall, on Oct. 27.

The nonprofit cites the rise in expenses, some tripling since the pandemic, as one of the reasons for cutting back. The organization is asking for support from the community in the form of donations, merchandise purchases, or by signing up as a sponsor, food vendor or volunteer for the next event, the news release said.

Emily Yetman, founder and Executive Director of Living Streets Alliance, said in the news release that the nonprofit recently completed a 14-month strategic planning process “and have big plans for the future of our Open Streets program.”

We know people love and value the Cyclovia Tucson open streets experience,” Yetman said in the release. “Open Streets are a service to the community, bringing car-free, carefree public space to life for all to enjoy. Tucsonans deserve them and we want them to happen in more parts of Tucson, more often!”