A deadly officer-involved shooting that occurred on Friday, Feb. 2 is now being investigated.

Three officers Chad Barker, Officer Devin Estes, Joseph Buck, and Officer Kyle Walker fired their weapons, resulting in the death of 23-year-old Fabian Garcia, according to a media release from the Pima Regional Critical Incident Team (PRCIT).

They were responding to a call just after 8:15 p.m. that Friday, reporting a fight between Garcia and a woman in an apartment complex located at 350 North Silverbell Road.

The call reported Garcia fired a rifle into the air while children were present.

Upon arrival, officers could hear gun shots inside the complex. The woman and children were found safe outside, separate from Garcia.

According to the press release, Garcia opened the door holding a rifle. Officers told Garcia to put his hands on his head, but he proceeded to walk out of the apartment with the rifle in hand.

Barker, Estes and Buck fired their weapons at Garcia after he didn’t comply with their instructions, says the report. The release did not specify how many times he was hit.

Officers immediately administered first aid, but Tucson Fire pronounced Garcia dead on scene.

No one else was injured.

Per protocol, PRCIT is now looking into the incident. All findings will be presented to the county attorney’s office at the end of the investigation.