The government’s recent decision not to prosecute against U.S. Border Patrol agents involved in the fatal shooting of a member of the Tohono Oodham Nation, Raymond Mattia has left the Mattia family with more questions than answers.

Raymond’s family and their legal team met with U.S. Attorney’s Office representatives to learn about the investigation of the officers who shot and killed Raymond but received little information.

The government declined to reveal why the officers fired 38 shots and which agencies they worked for.

“The U.S. Attorneys Office acknowledged that the Border Patrol agents made statements to the FBI, but they refused to reveal the details of those statements. And they further refused to answer the familys questions stating that the meeting was not the appropriate time,” according to a San Diego-based attorney representing the Mattia family, Ryan Stitt.

The lack of transparency and compassion has prompted the Mattia family to file a civil lawsuit to seek answers and justice for their beloved Raymond.

This case highlights concerns about law enforcement accountability and the need for greater transparency in such situations.