Tucson Greyhound Park caught fire early Saturday morning, leaving a large portion of the building completely destroyed.

The fire started around 3 a.m. Saturday morning. Crews from South Tucson Fire Department and Tucson Fire Department responded.

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After the fire was under control, South Tucson Fire Department continued monitoring the hotspots. On Monday, Tucson Fire assisted to help access the smoldering areas. Authorities decided the best option was to bulldoze a portion of the building to properly put out the fire.

This is the third large fire within the last year in the City of South Tucson, the other two including the Crossroads Restaurant fire and the Spanish Trail Motel fire.

“I have nothing to connect any of them to this one. I had two detectives out there this morning looking for any evidence and any additional leads that could point us in the right direction for this particular incident,” said South Tucson Police Commander Raul Navarro.

KGUN9 also spoke with the owner of the property, who shared their plans for the Tucson Greyhound Park. Sofonias Astatke, owner for nearly two years, told KGUN9 he planned to use the exterior part of the building and is finalizing plans to move forward. While the interior had initially been included in those plans, Astatke says that is on pause for now.