A week into the trial for the 2022 on-campus shooting and killing of University of Arizona hydrology professor Dr. Thomas Meixner, defendant Murad Dervish’s attorneys explained to jurors how they plan to defend him.

In court, they say they plan to demonstrate how he suffered mentally. They also say that two witnesses to the shooting is not enough to show the murder was pre-meditated.

Earlier this week, witnesses described Dervish’s hunting down and shooting of Meixner.

During a cross-examination of a police officer Friday, Dervish spoke out, saying “ff my lawyer’s any kind of lawyer, he’s going to expose the lies right now.”

The judge responded to the outburst, saying “Mr. Dervish, if you speak up again, you will be removed from the courtroom.”


The trial is set to continue Tuesday. Week one trial coverage: