Some exciting news for book lovers in Oro Valley, as on Saturday, a new independent bookstore officially opened its doors.

“We love to read. We both have a strong passion and lifelong love of reading,” said co-owner Chrispin Jeffrey-Franco when asked why they opened a bookstore.

He and his wife, Elizabeth Jeffrey-Franco, are the owners of Stacks Book Club, an independently owned shop doubling as both a bookstore and a cafe.

The local shop looks to serve as a hub for knowledge and community in our ever-growing digital world. Despite this, Chrispin believes there’s still a place for a good old-fashioned book.

“What we’ve seen in the data since 2020 is the shift of people coming back to the store and really looking for a curated authentic experience where you get to talk to a bookseller and have a conversation about books,” Chrispin said.

Beyond its selection of books, from fiction to nonfiction and everything in between, the shop offers a variety of treats like coffee and pastries, serving as a gathering spot for bookworms alike.

“The tangible books, being a bibliophile I think since a young age, I can’t do without them,” said Kana Mott, who traveled an hour from Sahuarita with her husband.

“So we just like to support any local independent businesses. This being a bookstore, our main passion, it’s always great,” her husband Ray said.

With the amount of traffic seen on its opening day, it’s safe to say the owners of Stacks Book Club aren’t the only ones who still enjoy the appeal of physical books.

“We’ve served almost a thousand guests in the first six hours of being open. It’s been a little bit crazy but the staff is doing great,” said Chrispin. “Everything is holding up, and we still have plenty of coffee and plenty of books.”