DNA experts found no DNA connection between rancher George Alan Kelly and the man he is accused of killing. The Santa Cruz County rancher is facing second degree murder charges in the death of a Mexican National crossing his land.

Prosecutors say George Alan Kelly shot Gabriel Cuen Buitimea from more than a hundred yards away though he was closer to the victims body as he reported the dead man to law enforcement.

DPS forensics experts say DNA analysis of Kellys clothing showed his DNA but no other. Clothing on the victim showed that mans DNA but also another weak sample on the shoulder of Cuen Buitimeas jacket that cannot be matched to Kelly.

DPS forensics specialist Heather Rivera-Reyes told the jury: So when I do a comparison to the known profile for Mr George Kelly its inconclusive, again meaning theres not enough information there to make an inclusion or an exclusion.

As the last witness for Thursday, Sheriffs Sergeant Omar Rodriguez testified he was the first deputy to reach the victims body and that he touched the mans shoulder while lifting him to see if he might still be alive.

Kellys wife Wanda continued the testimony she started Wednesday. Part of her time on the stand involved questions about whether she gave investigators conflicting stories about the number of trespassers, and the number of shots her husband fired.

Prosecutors showed part of her questioning by a sheriffs detective. Prosecutor Kim Hunley asked Mrs. Kelly if she asked the detective if she was required to answer his questions.

He did ask me that. He said I didnt have to answer but do I have something to hide or something he needs to know?

Sheriffs detectives are still expected to testify in the case.

Part of the court proceedings may move to the Kelly Ranch to give jurors a chance to see the location for themselves.