One by one, ten different Tucson non-profits posed with the check they received from the Arizona Bowl. For Felicia’s Farm, $5,000 is a lot of money as it donates to those with food insecurity.

“I don’t want to say I jumped for joy because I’m too old,” said Marvin Kirchler, a board member for Felicia’s Farm.

“Marty Lenzini says he’s attended Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl games.

“I’ve been to several of then so it’s an honor,” said Lenzini.

Deserving of honor are the people who Lenzini represents. He is the Tucson chapter president for The Distinguished Flying Cross Society. It recognizes heroism for the aerial flight of war veterans. And, the money will help veterans attend this October’s national reunion which will be held in Tucson.

“It will be great for them to visit old friends and comrades since we’ve all been through earning this distinguished flying career,” Lenzini said.

Lenzini isn’t just the president of the Tucson chapter. He’s an award winning recipient, having flown three hundred and fifty missions in Vietnam.

While Barstool Sports and the Arizona Bowl partner together, they give back to separate recipients. Today’s donations at the Westin La Paloma are from the Arizona Bowl, and they go strictly to non-profits.

The money for Felicia’s Farm will go to purchase chickens.

“The donation from the Arizona Bowl is going to help us considerably,” said Kirchler.