It has been a busy few weeks for Bree Richmond and Claude Bailey who own Short Term Rentals Tucson. The gem shows have been giving them a boost in business the last few weeks.

They said between January and April, they get the most customers, especially during the weeks of the Gem, Mineral, and Fossil showcase.

That short period of time, we are probably making four times what we would normally make on a nightly rate for our properties, Richmond said.

Bailey said their rentals are more expensive for people who book earlier for the gem shows. He said the later people book, the cheaper it is.

Richmond said this year they have four times as many properties as they did at this time last year.

So our business is growing. In terms of the occupancy rate, its actually gone down about 11 percent year over year, she said.

Visit Tucson said when they did their last economic impact study in 2019, the gem and mineral shows brought in over 60 thousand visitors to Tucson over two weeks in February.

In that same time period, they said Tucson got about $13 million in local tax revenue.

The director of the Gem Show and convention services said on average a vendor stays at least 19 days.

Le Macaron French Pastries Tucson is another business in Downtown Tucson that has been seeing more customers because of the shows.

Stacy Haggart just opened up her business in November and said Saturday was their second best weekend in terms of revenue so far.

Saturday we actually saw a 12 percent increase in our sales from the Saturday before so we really appreciate the increased customers, Haggart said.

She said she has been seeing people from all over the world who have been indulging in some of their most popular items, which have been selling well. Those include their gelato, and of course their macarons.

Sometimes people will talk to the person at the table next to themand hey where are you from? Or just talking to each other. We see a lot of interaction in the store and its been fun, she said.