Since 1937, Carrillo Elementary School students in Barrio Viejo Tucsonans have celebrated Las Posadas.

The 87-year tradition brings the community together to celebrate the journey of Mary and Joseph to find shelter before Jesus’ birth.

Its a big honor and a big responsibility to make sure we carry out this event appropriately,” expressed Kirsten Bittel, principal of Carrillo Elementary.

This festival featured:

Food Live music Procession lasting until 8 p.m.

For the students, it gives them an opportunity to learn about this tradition within Mexican culture.

It’s an honor for me and to carry the nacimiento for my music teacher Ms. Herrera out to let me join Posadas and my last year here, in Carrillo,” said Ilaria, a fifth grader at Carrillo.

Donations at the event give back to the community and help raise money for next year’s Las Posadas festival.