A newer downtown restaurant was just getting a taste of serving the Old Pueblo community before their iconic space was filled with flames.

The night before this incident happened was a lovely night. It was beautiful, the tables were full, the bar was full. People were so happy,” Patricia Schwabe, Owner of Blue Front restaurant .

Hours later in the early morning of May 13, an electrical fire struck in the back alley way of Blue Front restaurant. Forcing the newer business to temporarily close its doors just 4 months after being officially open.

The fire remained in the back of the restaurant causing major exterior damage and flooding in the restaurant kitchen.

We have no electricity in the building. So beginning with that we cannot run any refrigerators ,we cannot run any equipment, we cannot run AC,” said Schwabe.

Insurance agents and contractors telling Blue Front it can take several months to clear the building and allow it to fully operate safely again.

It is going to be difficult but we hope that we can reopen by the time school is back in August, July. August will be my goal,” said Schwabe.

The temporary closure has put some employees out of work. Blue Front tells KGUN9, local restaurants have offered to hire Blue Front staff in the meantime. For owner Patricia Schwabe, that’s what it is all about. Supporting the local community in times of hardship and uncertainty.

If we see people continue to come down downtown and support other restaurants, it just makes us feel like we’re on the right path being here and our commitment should continue to be here,” said Schwabe.

The cause of the fire is still unknown and under investigation. The owner says they arent sure who called 911 but shes thankful someone did because she understands this could have been much worse.