A Tucson business struggling to survive during Covid is now thriving as an online auction house. From vintage barbies and G.I. Joes to early video game consoles, you will find them all up for auction.

“When I built it, it was the largest soundstage in the state of Arizona,” said Laura Levin, owner of Factor48.com. “When Covid hit, that really changed the dynamic of everything. So, we had to pivot.”

That pivot led Levin to move into this 60,000 square foot warehouse near downtown, and shift from film production to online auctions.

“We had started doing some online auctions to sell some livestock at the Pima County Fair and really realized that online auctions are a great way to sell items,” recalled Levin.

In just a few years, her Tucson auction house, Factor48.com, has taken off. Bids come in from across the country and around the world.

Right now, Levin and her six employeesincluding her fatherare in the midst of auctioning off a massive collection.

“Tens of thousands of toys,” said Levin.

Factor48.com is auctioning off the inventory of Retro Toys and More, a Tucson toy store that closed after the death of the owner.

“We came in, inventoried everything, took everything out and within about two and a half weeks we had the building empty,” Levin said.

Now in her warehouse, some toys still need to be sorted, while many are boxed up and ready to be shipped once the auction closes and the winning bidder has paid.

The most popular toys right now? Barbie. The recent movie has made toys like this 1960s Barbie kitchen set a hot item:

Also drawing plenty of interest are G.I. Joes. The marquee piece is a 1985 G.I. Joe U.S.S. Flag aircraft carrier:

“It is nearly complete,” according to Levin.

A lot of kids dreamed of receiving this G.I. Joe aircraft carrier back in 1985. The cost at the time was $150.

Now up for auction on Factor48.com, it will likely go for much more than that.

So will many of the other retro game consoles and original Ghostbusters toys soon going up for auction.

Just like Levin got a second chance after Covid, these toys will get a second chance with collectors.

“I would never have guessed it, but it took a great turn,” Levin said.

Her Factor48.com also handles overstock items and liquidation sales but it’s the current retro toy auction generating the most interest.