Holidays like July 4 are days to celebrateand sometimes celebrate too much. That can lead to drunk drivingand deaths.

Sara Petty knows firsthand the loss when irresponsible drivers drink, drive, and kill.

Its been about 18 years since the September night when a young man, driving drunk, ran a stop sign. He killed Saras father Scott McDermott. Her mother needed extensive surgery and rehab.

She says afterward some of her own friends would try to drink and drive with her in the car.

Sometimes people will be like, Oh, your dad died in a car accident and they don’t they may not know their circumstances surrounding it. They may not know that, you know, even the slightest bit of alcohol can make you impaired. So I think just you know, just being more open about the situation and everything that happened I definitely think helped in my case.

Sara Petty says these days when almost everyone has a phone in their pocket, theres less excuse than ever to drink and drive when its so easy to call a friend, a parent, or a ride-share service.