A food pantry on the east side is getting ready for expansion as it sees an increasing number of families seeking assistance.

Formerly known as Tucson Neighborhood Food Pantry, the organization is rebranding itself as Gods Vast Resources (GVR) and is preparing to relocate to a larger facility, just down the street from its current location.

“We provide free food and clothing to people in need,” said Debbie Struble, co-founder and executive director of GVR, which she and her husband founded in 2013.

GVR aims to support neighbors going through rough times by providing free food and clothing, focusing on one side of town. “The east side is completely underserved,” Struble said.

However, the nonprofit relies heavily on community support. “Our volunteers donate their money and their time, and we are blessed with grocery stores that partner with us,” Struble said.

Volunteers like Paula Harper highlight the impact their work has on those in need. “The Lord always comes through, and sometimes in very surprising ways, but rarely do they have to turn people away,” Harper said.

The move to a larger location is expected to enhance GVR’s ability to provide additional services, including expanded clothing offerings. “It’s going to enable us to receive all kinds of additional clothing and offer other services as well,” Struble said.

GVR currently distributes food on Thursdays and Saturdays from 4-6 p.m., serving 200 households a week and giving out about 7,000 pounds of food. The organization also provides spiritual and health resources and is hoping to finalize the move to its new building sometime this year.

With over 100 volunteers, GVR is always looking to expand its support network and serve more families in need.