Local leaders on the east side gathered for a meeting to find ways to make the streets safer.

People who live in the area said they hear and see dangerous street racing up and down Houghton Road every weekend.

They fear it is only a matter of time before something bad happens.

Its a safety concern, its annoying to listen to, and someone is going to get hurt,” Michele Moorehead said.

Moorehead isnt the only east-sider Ward 4 Councilwoman Nikki Lee has heard from.

Were hearing about gunshots, were seeing accidents, were really seeing an escalation of behaviors we dont want to see anymore,” Councilwoman Lee said.

Now shes trying to find solutions.

Inviting the community to share their concerns with Police Chief Chad Kasmar and east side Captain Jimmy Whitaker.

Who say theyre already taking action.

Were developing a task force to look at some of these issues,” Whitaker said.

TPD has made over 200 arrests relating to street racing since 2022 according to a pamphlet handed out at the meeting.

The arrests so far haven’t eliminated the racing entirely.

Were going out on the weekends and were really making sure and looking around to see if someone is going to start doing it right there and get in an accident.

TPD says if you see illegal street racing to call 911 and report it.



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