Every street on the Westside seems to have great Mexican food.

But those who live and work there say one family owned restaurant stands above the rest.

El Antojo Poblano opened just this year as a sit down restaurant, after starting as a food truck in 2019.

Their customers can’t get enough.

The mole sauce comes from Pueblo in Mexico, their mother makes it there and ships it here,” John Leon said.

The tortillas are amazing, and when it comes to a taco its all about the tortilla not just the meat,” Victor Noriega said.

Running the restaurant with her husband and kids is Analy Guzman.

Originally from southern Mexico, she says their menu is unique from others in the area.

We bring different foods, like mole poblano, huaraches, I like to share our food which is different from what is sold here in Tucson,” Guzman said.

Each dish at El Antojo Poblano is inspired by southern Mexico.

But Guzman tells me the real secret ingredient is love.

I cook as if I were doing it for my family, for my children, for my husband. I cook with a lot of love for everyone,” She said.

El Antojo Poblano will also be at the “Best 23 Miles of Mexican Food Festival” at the MSA Annex on October 21.