El Grupo Youth Cycling expanded their bike club to Davis Bilingual Elementary Magnet School to teach pedestrian safety to young kids.

They received a Community Change Grant partially funded by America Walks and fully sponsored by General Motors, allowing them to instill confidence and self-trust to kids while navigating the streets.

Every Wednesday right after school, kids are gathered by El Grupo at parent pick-up and then they make their way to the clubhouse to do run practice drills before going on a bike ride.

Brothers Cruz and Alexander Romero are part of the bike club and I got to ask them what their favorite part is.

I get to learn more things that I never learned and I get to teach other kids how to go up stairs and do the cool tricks,” Cruz said.

We go on adventures, we go camping,” Alexander shared. “Thats one of my favorite things and Im happy to be with El Grupo, its fun.

Equipment isnt required to join the club; its provided.

Nearly all bikes, helmets and water bottles at El Grupo were donated by the community.

Denise Aquino, El Grupo executive director, said they’re there to help kids learn how to tread the roads confidently.

The kids learn how to be their own rider. No matter if the kid is my size or 6 feet tall, they know how to navigate the streets just as a car does,” Aquino said.

El Grupo is inviting the Tucson community to their Bicycle Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser on April 21.

All proceeds will go back into their programs to ensure financial barriers dont exist for anybody interested in cycling.