Tucson Parks and Recreation’s El Pueblo Activity Center

will showcase all of what they have to offer at an open house this Tuesday, March 5.

Whether its an indoor track, a weight room or a computer room, they want you to know its all there for you.

The open house is an effort to show those who live in the area that these services are in their neighborhood if they sign up.

Izzy Galindo, recreation program coordinator for the center, tells me the basketball courts are their most popular amenity, along with another indoor activity: the walking track.

Its hot and you know on the south side of Tucson, some things are not very nice on this side of town,” Galindo said. “So its better to be walking indoors in the AC than outside.

I talked with a member, Jimmy Valenzuela, as he was using the indoor track.

Valenzuela tells me a safe space to walk and cool air conditioning is what has made him a happy returning member for the last five years.

Its a good place to walk,” Valenzuela said. “You know, better than the outside with the sun, wind and cold sometimes. Its a good place, friendly people.

The El Pueblo Activity Center will expand soon after getting money through Proposition 407 to add a splash-pad and build new classrooms.

Galindo says when its complete with the additions, there will be a secure enclosed area to access the amenities to prevent non-members from gaining access.

Its a great place to stay active, socialize in a safe environment, and all-around good place,” said Galindo.

The first 100 people at the open house events will be entered in a raffle for a free universal membership for the facilities.

The open house is Tuesday, March 5, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the recreation center at 101 W. Irvington Road, Building 9.