It’s a new year and we’re exploring the trails in the Town of Marana.

If you haven’t been to the El Rio Preserve, it is a must see for those looking to get a look at some wildlife without traveling too far.

If you visit to the trail, chances are you’ll run into Courtney Mack.

Mack tries to enjoy it every day.

“It’s the only way to start the day, it is so invigorating,” Mack said.

The area attracts winter visitors, but also a lot of different animals.

“A lot of coyotes and bobcats using the space. Cooler temperatures, bring them out,” said Jason Grodman, Marana’s natural resources supervisor. “They’re a little more active. Sometimes we even see them during the morning hours.”

Grodman says they’re working to make this trail even more beautiful.

“We’re going to be able to remove some invasive species and add some natives, so we’re hoping to attract more wildlife to the area,” Grodman said.

If you’re a bird watcher, this park is a great place to flock to.

“Obviously lots of different varieties of ducks. He’s pretty good about naming all the different kinds,” Bonnie Schnormeier said.”We’ve seen roadrunners, the Vermilion Flycatcher is beautiful.”

For more information on the El Rio Preserve, click here.