An elderly man is dead after spending life’s final moments with his wife in a car crash on Tucson’s Westside.

The Pima County Sheriffs Department is looking into this, explaining it as a “single-vehicle collision,” which happened near South Westover Avenue and West Vereda Azul.

Deputies describe the two people in this involved vehicle as:

Driver 73-year-old Terry Spivey Passenger 76-year-old Veta Spivey

According to a deputy with the department’s public information office, investigators think Terry “suffered a medical event” while in the car with his wife. This must’ve led to him losing control, driving off the roadway and hitting a tree.

He was pronounced dead at the scene, while emergency crews took Veta to a local hospital to treat her minor injuries.

Detectives have no reason to believe Terry was speeding or he was impaired. This investigation remains ongoing.