Since 2019, Linda Beimers has had solar energy at her home. She lives in a rural part of Vail, where power bills can get expensive.

“Geez,” she said, thumbing through her bill, “the month before that was $276.”

Beimers thought investing in solar might save her money. But she says even since paying off her solar loans, her bills have still been hundreds of dollars.

But there could be some relief in sight. The Environmental Protection Agency recently awarded a $156 million grant to help rural and low-income people in Arizona get assistance for solar energy.

Governor Katie Hobbs’ office says through the “Solar for All Arizonans” program, over 300 rural households are going to benefit from solar and battery systems that can prevent those homes from losing electricity. The governor’s office says that should help Arizonans save millions on their power bills in the form of a credit.

It would help those folks that are paying double bills because thats quite an expense, Beimers said.

The Governor’s Office of Resiliency says Arizona would begin the program by the end of the year.