With the increased cost of living, many people are looking for a solid, well paying job. Rhonda Pina, the deputy director for Workforce Development in Pima County, said it’s about preparing people for the fit.

“We recognize that everybody’s journey is different,” she said. “It depends on which field you want to get into and maybe it’s a certification that you need.”

As of April 2023 in Pima County, over 490,000 people are in the labor force and about 15,000 of them don’t currently have a job, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Pina said there are many jobs available throughout southern Arizona.

“We have people that are looking for work and we also have employers looking for job seekers,” she said.

She said there are a lot of openings in healthcare, construction, aviation and manufacturing.

“We also see a demand in hospitality and leisure,” she said.

Pima County One Stop holds job fairs every week.