You have probably noticed by now, gas is cheaper in Sierra Vista & Douglas than it is in Tucson.

According to AAA, the refinery in El Paso, TX that supplies much of Southern Arizona’s gas is back online, after months of maintenance.

Julian Paredes, a AAA spokesperson, said that means gas supplies will soon return to normal, but because eastern counties are closer, they will see lower prices first. Pima County will also take longer because of its larger infrastructure.

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How low prices will go is anyone’s guess. Southern Arizona also gets gas from a refinery in New Mexico which is still offline. Paredez said AAA is not privy to the details of that situation.

Another factor in gas prices is demand. More people are getting ready to drive for memorial weekend, and AAA reports gas prices are creeping up nationwide as a result.

Gas prices on May 5, 2023

Source: AAA